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Wax melts / home fragrance / home scents

About us - Where it started

Tyler & Skye was 'officially' born in February 2020 and is ran solely by me - Jade! 
I have always had a love for candles and home fragrance but for years, it never entered my mind to make myself. Crafting is in my blood, trying my hand at sewing, bow making, felt flowers and wood work.
It was early 2019 where I had no crafting projects on the go. When on my days off from work, and the 2 kiddies at school, I needed something to fill the gaps and so my search began. Wax melts popped up on a few searches and thought hey, lets give it a go. It seems....I found a new passion.
After testing and playing around, I was happy with what  had produced and so September 2019, I planned on how I was going to turn this into a little business.
Fast forward to May 2021 - I handed in my notice at work and I am now working this business full time. 
It has took some hard work and long hours but mainly, the love of all you lovely customers has got me to where I am today.
Here's to our journey together.
Jade x
wax melts / home fragrance / home scents