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In this industry, there can be many questions, with many many more answers. Not everyone knows what a wax melt is, their purpose and whether they're safe. So lets get some answers out there for you!
A wax melt is simply, a wickless candle, well, Kind of. A wax melt requires no wick. Wax melts are scented pieces of wax, that can come in many forms. Rather than being in a vessel as is a candle, a melt comes be in all different shapes and sizes.
We think yes! however this it totally down to personal choice. The reason why we think wax melts are better is because of the scent choices and the ease of switching up fragrances easily.
Candles are wonderful, but you have a whole candle in that one scent and for those fragrance lovers out there, burning the same scent day in day out can get pretty tedious! OR they're fab for the odd burn every now and then.
However wax melts have much more flexibility. you can change up your scent every day, every couple of days. A new fragrance for your home how ever often you fancy!
OOhh good question right? Unfortunately there is no set answer to say which wax melts are the strongest. The making of wax melts can be more complex that simply adding fragrance to wax. The temperature in which you add the fragrance to your wax can greatly impact the overall strength of a wax and its longevity. Not only that, the actual oil itself plays a big part too.
Generally, paraffin wax melts give off a stronger scent throw. However, soy, coconut, mineral, rapeseed etc can all give off an equally lovely throw. Its all about how they made and the ingredients used.
Ours obviously. You can shop in stock scents here - IN STOCK WAX MELTS
Jokes aside, what do YOU consider to be the best wax melt? The thing is, everyone has their own preferences. Some like a scent throw crazy strong it makes them cough.. Others like a scent that fills the room perfectly without blowing your head off and gently creeps through to other rooms. This is where we would class our wax melts to be! 
OR maybe you consider the best wax melts to be long lasting as a higher priority? Generally, 1 snap of our wax melt (10g) can be melted X3 times using a 4hr tealight. The general strength of the oil does determine how many burns you are likely to get out from your wax melt piece.
The best thing to do when trying a new wax melt company is to get some samples. So many promise strong and well made wax melts, they're hardly going to say 'my wax melts aren't great but I really need sales' - Don't believe all you read, but be open to trying! 
Let me start by saying, the wax itself plays NO PART in this the safety. Same with humans. Ok sure, make sure humans and animals don't consume plain wax, it will probably give them a dodgy belly, however its the FRAGRANCE OIL that you really need to be wary about.
It is a legal requirement to attach a CLP(Classification, labelling and packaging) to every item that has fragrance oil in it. Every oil has its own allergy triggers, chemicals and other potentially toxic ingredients.
Eating a scented wax melt would be toxic for both humans and animals. Should a child or animal ever accidently consume a wax melt, make sure to show the CLP to your doctor/vet and immediately ask your wax melt vendor for the SDS sheet for that particular scent.
Now, melting wax melts around your cats/dogs etc is in theory safe, yes. What I must say however, is just be cautious like you should anyway. Like animals, they can have allergies just like us humans. They could be absolutely fine with EVERY scent you try, but then come across one that might make them act a little differently. As for yourself, you may find one that gives you a little headache but be completely fine with every other scent you try.
Fragrance oils are made up of chemical compositions which sometimes contain natural ingredients such as Benzene, which has a sweet scent note and is incredibly common in wax melt fragrance oils but can cause respiratory problems. This is why you can find CLP on all our products so these can be checked before melting.
If you see any change in character to an animal, discontinue use of that scent.
However, there are some animals that melts are not suitable for at all.
FISH - the vapours from the oils flow around your room and can settle on the top of the water of your fish tank. this can be seriously harmful or fatal to fish. This applies with any shop brought air fresher, sprays etc.
REPTILES - Generally, reptiles are known for their respiratory problems so i would suggest not melting around reptiles.
As mentioned above, some oils can cause headaches. This has nothing to do with the wax used but the fragrance oil and the chemical composition.
Personally, of all the scents I have ever made and melted myself which is well over 100, I have come across maybe 2 /3 scents that give me a headache and I just don't agree with. I still make these however, just with protective gear being worn. It is only the same as pollen effecting some people and not others for example, or a food your body cant cope with where others can eat it fine. We are all made up differently. Know when your body disagrees with a scent and blow out swiftly.
Have you ever had a wax melt on and you could see white 'smoke' coming from your burner? Don't be alarmed, this isn't smoke, its scent vapours! What you can see is the scent being burned off from the melt. That's your scent being released.
If you see black smoke coming from your burner, safely and quickly extinguish the tealight. You should NEVER see black smoke coming from your burner.
In this case, immediately throw out your burner. Burners can become overheated if you use an 8hr tealight in a small burner. The underside of the dish in which your melt sits, can burn and even set on fire due to. 8hr tealights are not recommended for this very reason. Check your burners regularly for hairline cracks which can happen over time. Make sure your burner is away from draughts, away from any curtains or other furnishings and away from children and animals. 
Who'd have thought melting a wax melt could bring so many questions, ay?! So, there could be a couple reasons for this. Your burner is large, your burner has lots of 'holes' or your tealights are rubbish!
Yep, just buying any 4hr tealights doesn't always work. Its trial and error, but there are definitely good and bad ones on the market and this can effect the overall scent throw of your wax melt.
If you have brought a new snazzy burner but its quite tall with lots of pretty shape cut outs, you may find a lot of the heat from the tealight is being expelled. If the heat is escaping through all those pretty shapes, you're losing the heat to melt the wax itself, releasing minimal scent.

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